Course Description

This Makeup Course for the Makeup Artist will take you from average to extraordinary. This course is designed for the makeup artist craving more. The advanced course will take you on a journey thru the world of color theory and the vast history of makeup. You will gain the skills needed to create some of the most sought after advanced high fashion looks gracing the runways and editorial spreads today.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    MODULE #1 Tools of the Trade

    • Free Preview of 1980s Makeup Application

    • Welcome to Master Makeup Online

    • MMO Advanced Beauty Syllabus

    • MMO Advanced Booklet Complete

    • MMO Station Set up and Sanitation

    • MMO Brush Selection

    • MMO Client Consultation

    • MMO Makeup Kit Checklist

    • How to Properly Clean Brushes

    • Makeup Kit and Brush Set

    • Module 1 Quiz

  • 2

    MODULE #2 Color Theory

    • MMO Advanced Color Theory

    • MMO Advanced Color Schemes

    • MMO Advanced Skin Tones

    • Foundation Mixing using Color Theory

    • Color Theory Makeup Application

    • Color Theory Makeup Assignment

    • Module 2 Quiz

  • 3

    MODULE #3 1920s, 1930s, 1940's

    • MMO Advanced Eras 1920's- 40's

    • 1920s Makeup Application

    • 1930s Makeup Application

    • 1940s Makeup Application

    • 1920's, 30's and 40's Makeup Assignment

    • Module 3 Quiz

  • 4

    MODULE #4 1950s, 1960s, 1970s

    • MMO Advanced Eras 1950's - 70's

    • 1950s Makeup Application

    • 1960s Makeup Application

    • 1970s Makeup Application

    • 1950's, 60's and 70's Makeup Assignment

    • Module 4 Quiz

  • 5

    MODULE #5 1980s, 1990s

    • MMO Advanced Eras 1980's - 90's

    • 1980s Makeup Application

    • 1990s Makeup Application

    • 1980's and 90's Makeup Assignment

    • Module 5 Quiz

  • 6

    MODULE #6 High Fashion/Editorial Makeup

    • MMO Advanced Editorial/ High Fashion

    • Editorial Makeup Application

    • Editorial Makeup Assignment

    • Module 6 Quiz

  • 7

    MODULE #7 Advanced Artistry

    • MMO Advanced Avant Garde

    • Avant Garde Makeup Application

    • Avant Garde Makeup Assignment

    • Module 7 Quiz

  • 8

    MODULE #8 Film and Television

    • MMO Advanced Film and TV

    • No Makeup Makeup Application

    • Men's Grooming Application

    • Tattoo Transfer Application

    • Men's Grooming Assignment (BEFORE)

    • Men's Grooming Assignment (AFTER)

    • No Makeup Makeup Assignment (BEFORE)

    • No Makeup Makeup Assignment (AFTER)

    • Module 8 Quiz

  • 9


    • MMO Advanced Bonus Material

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